Puertas Jal

Colours and finishes

jal colores natural jal colores nogal medio jal colores wenge jal colores blanco
Natural Average Walnut Wengue White
jal colores roble jal colores nogal rustico jal colores verde jal colores roble decape
Oak Rustic Walnut Green Oak I Scaled
jal colores cerezo jal colores mejicano jal colores azul jal colores blanco patina gris
Cherry-Tree Mexican Blue White Gray Patina

Characteristics of VARNISH/LASURES

Water-based woodstains (lasures) are decorations in transparent colours which penetrate into the wood without coating.They protect wood  against water and weathering, allowing the wood to breathe and move.

They offer a high protection against solar rays because they are extra protected by solar filters. This varnish regulates the exit of water vapor from the inside and prevents the entrace of liquids from the outside.

Furthermore, they contain preservatives which prevent microbial deterioration of the varnish and they also give extra defense against mushrooms, xylophagous and applegrubs. This vanish is easy to keep and it doesn´t need scraping or pickling when the surface is repainted. It respects the environment since it has not got solvents.

We are not responsible for any manipulation or process that is being done outside our factory. As wood is a natural product, any posible variation on wood is not considered a fault and any differences on the colour or shades of dyes are not subject of complain. The colours in the catalogue are approximate.

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